Justice League: Director’s Cut | Official Teaser Update | HBO Max


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    “It’s just us. United. And that’s all we need.” Stream #TheSnyderCut exclusively on #HBOMax in 2021.
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Garret Zenanko

      Renewed hope and excitement!

    2. Hinode

      can't wait for the next trailer!

    3. Pradeep Kumar


    4. Mike petrella

      I already feel like this movie will be a Masterpiece..🥶

    5. Ray


    6. Seba Sepulveda

      Thank you HBO MAX!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️

    7. TheMdaze

      I swear Zack snyder is gonna make my eyes sweaty asf with vics and Silas story.

    8. Mister Blanco.

      I hope there’s a scene where Darkseid kills Joss Whedon! Best way to fix JL!

    9. Draxler Gotham

      The way the flash runs in this justice league movies is disturbing

    10. Rachael Love

      Now this what the justice league is all about!! Not that terrible portrayal we got from Whedon roll on 2021!! 😁

    11. cynthia rouse


    12. Dark Nite

      Hopefully HBOMAX will have 4KHDR by the time it comes out...🤞

      1. SNYDER CUT

        HBOMAX needs to get us that 4K shit when WW84 comes out

    13. Guillermo Gonzalez

      Let's give a moment of respect to the people who won't be alive to see this,but believed and fought

    14. Tuhin Roy

      Ben Affleck saves the day

    15. Tuhin Roy

      For some Strange reason Ben Affleck's last line " Us.. United" with a head-turn gets me goosebumps. Makes me go for DCEU and saves the franchise.

    16. Charles Kim

      This is an much better verison.

    17. soy yo

      Hey guys check this out www.reddit.com/r/DC_Cinematic/comments/k3qnjn/discussion_im_gonna_put_this_here_and_not_say/

      1. Bruce Wayne

        MCU fans be like “tHey’re Just HeAviLy inSpIrEd”

      2. soy yo

        @Annie i know, i just found it funny

      3. Annie

        I know that they both look similar as hell, but we shouldn't ignore the fact that Endgame's footage was mirrored.

    18. Samurai Gaming

      Anyone from Pakistan?🇵🇰

    19. Retro Forger

      "I don't care how many scenes they cut and how many movies they shelved, they've never faced us, *NOT US UNITED* ." - The #releasethesnydercut fandom, be proud of yourselves

    20. Heisenberg

      i don't like how flash runs..

    21. Protocol Puppets 101

      They should put Everyknows original versión in the movie too Who agree with me?

    22. Truth Teller

      I don't understand how people are saying this movie is exactly the same as the theatrical cut... ALL SCENES HERE ARE NOT IN THE THEATRICAL CUT

      1. Julian Berrios

        Only idiots and blind say things like this

    23. Rio Aditya Khalid

      If Marvel was Sun. Then DC was Moon. And we need both of them

    24. Pradeep Kumar

      263 where are you bro @alexander soelaiman

    25. Cnu Dobin

      Title of this song ??

      1. Master DeVoe

        Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

    26. Alex Paul

      I'm still disappointed looking at Amber Heard lol even tho she showed up for a split second in this one

      1. Master DeVoe


      2. soy yo

        This was made in 2016, and steppenwolf will beat her

    27. Irfan Iskandar 06

      wow by the trailer i can already tell this is better then the original one

      1. alexander soelaiman

        @Hasiel Sarsby So, Snyder is done with additional photography??

      2. Hasiel Sarsby

        @alexander soelaiman It would have to be put into an entire film later on after it plays on HBO Max, 4 hours should be enough, unless we get JL2 and JL3.

      3. alexander soelaiman

        @Hasiel Sarsby Wasn't he wanted more than 4 hours??

      4. Hasiel Sarsby

        @alexander soelaiman Yes because he already shot enough back in 2016

      5. alexander soelaiman

        @Niranjan M Dinesh so the additional photography is only 5 minutes ??

    28. Dinesh Parmar

      For vengeance For kryptonion


      Topic 1 | सोर मण्डल|soller system | complet video with short topic || important|| FOR ALL RAILWAY EXAM || NTPC|| GROUP-D|| ALP||GD||SSC ||ALL COMPETITION EXAM usfilm.info/fire/jrOYZ2qgbKmW1q4/video.html Subscribe like share watch video Topic 1 | सोर मण्डल|soller system | complet video with short topic || important|| FOR ALL RAILWAY EXAM || NTPC|| GROUP-D|| ALP||GD||SSC ||ALL COMPETITION EXAM usfilm.info/fire/jrOYZ2qgbKmW1q4/video.html Subscribe like share watch video Topic 1 | सोर मण्डल|soller system | complet video with short topic || important|| FOR ALL RAILWAY EXAM || NTPC|| GROUP-D|| ALP||GD||SSC ||ALL COMPETITION EXAM usfilm.info/fire/jrOYZ2qgbKmW1q4/video.html Subscribe like share watch video Topic 1 | सोर मण्डल|soller system | complet video with short topic || important|| FOR ALL RAILWAY EXAM || NTPC|| GROUP-D|| ALP||GD||SSC ||ALL COMPETITION EXAM usfilm.info/fire/jrOYZ2qgbKmW1q4/video.html Subscribe like share watch video

    30. Rayge81

      Yes I'm back and I'm loving it!!! 😁😁😁

    31. Tripathi

      I'm glad that now we won't have a gay batman in this version of Justice League.

    32. Dslowmen

      I can't belive some people watch this trailer and said "its the same movie" This look nothing like the 2017 version

      1. soy yo

        Those are the same who call him hack snyder, so they have no credibility

      2. Master DeVoe

        Because they have only seen the previous trailers and not the 2017 movie. They don't know that the 2017 movie and the previous trailers are 2 separate things.

    33. Nadya Fauzia

      Aquaman tambah uwu deh ya keknya

    34. Joshua Villalba

      And that's how Zack Snyder ruined my favourite song.

      1. Dslowmen

        Oh poor you Let me play a song in the world's tiniest fiddle

    35. AR Creations

      Endgame copied from dc usfilm.info/fire/icVumIGanLuYlb4/video.html

    36. Elijah Fowler

      I'm not watching anything from warnerbros until they give Johnny Depp his fuckin roles back #justiceforjohnnydepp

      1. Master DeVoe

        We fought for the Snyder Cut, I won't miss it.

      2. MrAizaz

        I'll watch the Snyder Cut.

    37. Victor Weismann

      Honestly, the only thing I ask is how did that piece get that garbage? Did the director smoke crack?

    38. Rocky Rocky

      Ben Affleck🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    39. Mister Blanco.

      Is there a way we can also get Batman Forever and Batman & Robin The Burton Cuts?, please!

      1. Mister Blanco.

        LOL! 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻 I was just kidding, we all know it’s never going to happen, nevertheless!; they could redo them Beowolf/ Star Wars Rogue One style. If so, can they also redo Superman 3, 4 and Returns, CatWoman and Green Lantern! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻 Still kidding!

      2. MrAizaz

        I don't think so, unless it's animated. Because, most actors are old and Michael Gough is deceased.

    40. Ashley Felling

      I can't wait to see this! But I've just learned that HBO MAX isn't available here in Canada, and that's not fair 😔. So I would really appreciate it if anyone knows how I can watch the Snyder Cut in Canada

    41. Pradeep Kumar


      1. alexander soelaiman


    42. Ak Infinity diamond

      If they screw up again God.......... they better not

    43. Lu2sexy4U

      I think we broke Joss Whedon

    44. Jacari Stevens

      Is this going to be a show

      1. Master DeVoe

        It's confirmed to be a miniseries

      2. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Kinda. HBO Max will broadcast 4 one hour "episodes" of this, then it will show it again as a proper 4 hour movie.

    45. Somewhat Related

      The first movie Wasn't as bad as some people will say it was, It was "Okay-ish.....ish" not an avenger level movie but at the same time not a 2~3 out of 100 movie(if you get what I mean) Let's hope Zack Snyder give us the equivalent of infinity war or better with this one

      1. Bruce Wayne

        @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar Endgame and Infinity War was a joke, always making jokes, confused plot holes and how they made hulk and thor a clown. The Snyder Cut will be better( Change my mind) and don’t forget, Endgame and infinity war almost copied the JL Arc

      2. Tejeshwar Tejeshwar

        @Bruce Wayne u told snack Snyder cut will be better than Iw and endgame I.. I told your joke was funny

      3. Bruce Wayne

        @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar ?

      4. Tejeshwar Tejeshwar

        @Bruce Wayne thanks for the laugh bruh

      5. Somewhat Related

        @Bruce Wayne Let's hope So!

    46. Artaxerxes junior

      Please get the hell out Ms. Heard

    47. Anthony Cruz

      "I don't care how many demons he's fought in how many hell's, he's never fought us. Not us United" that line murdered Josstice League

    48. Aashish Xaxa

      2021 be all about Zack Snyder's Justice League!

    49. prashanth sadu


    50. Makani Stuart

      I'm proud to be a dc fan.

    51. Escanor Lion's Sin Of Pride

      Marvel Fans Dont Watch It If Yo Dont Want But Dont Dislike it😒 Go And Watch Yor Park Movies😐

      1. alexander soelaiman

        @CARPAINTANNY yes, the first one I mean


        @alexander soelaiman I said the first one. But ok,

      3. alexander soelaiman

        @CARPAINTANNY and it's the BEST MARVEL MOVIE EVER in my opinion


        LOL! I liked The Amazing Spiderman NGL

      5. alexander soelaiman

        @Master DeVoe and sadly, we are in a minority where we say DC and Marvel instead of DC VS Marvel

    52. Canal Coringa Alive

      For Darkseid and jl2 in 2023

    53. Tushar verma

      Fun fact: You are addicted to revisiting it!

      1. Alex Paul


      2. Dslowmen

        So true

    54. Avinash Shankar

      I am preparing myself for an incredible letdown. Well, thumbs up to pessimism.

      1. Bruce Wayne

        Sad for you

      2. soy yo

        Shame on you

    55. Alejandro 291


    56. Tutaleni Ilonga

      Regardless of what happens next year HBO will fight for Zack Snyder's Justice League to get a sequel because they might have their potential Game of Thrones in this

    57. Karan Karamthot

      Finally a tough competition to marvel

    58. Nikit4445

      I need a release date. Have anyone got the leak?

    59. Super Syed

      Why everything is so shady?

      1. Dslowmen

        Zack Snyder, baby

      2. alexander soelaiman

        Because HBO max IS shady

    60. Jacari Stevens


      1. alexander soelaiman

        @Bruce Wayne and Bruce, you should just have rhe right to yell at haters

      2. Bruce Wayne

        These darude sandstorm jokes are so old like the martha jokes

      3. alexander soelaiman

        @Thomas Follain are you sure ? I don't think so

      4. alexander soelaiman

        @Matiiieee are you sure ?

      5. Matiiieee


    61. Anmol P

      Whedon's cut will be remembered next to Batsuit with nipples.

    62. Nitesh sharma

      Now that's the justice league for what we have been waiting from long time

    63. Pradeep Kumar


    64. Rodrigo Crack

      If your pause the vídeo in the moment 1:27 your see a Steppenwolf on the right Sorry for my bad english

    65. ᄒᄉᄒ


    66. Rodrigo Crack

      ID do pause the vídeo you can see the photografy Is very beautiful

    67. TehPitchMaker

      Superman in man of steel: my suit is fine Superman in this vid me: Black suit confirmed!!!

    68. Randy Phillips

      I don’t care if this is the worst or best movie ever I will be happy for what we all accomplished here to get this movie

      1. Bruce Wayne


    69. Lucas Grezaud

      honestly the first time i watched this trailer the music really didn’t work for me, but i’ve gotta say i can’t stop watching it at this point. good shit. i’m excited for snyder’s vision to finally be seen. can’t possibly be worse than the JL cut that exists

    70. Patrick Lange

      1:12 is the reason why I won't watch this. I refuse to watch anything with that b!tch because of what she did to Johnny Depp.


        4 likes, each!! Now don't like more.

      2. MrAizaz

        And also, during the set of The Shining, Kubrick became the mentally torturing guy to Shelly Duvall so what are you going to do?


        I mean it's understandable, but after Snyder Cut... well, don't you like Amber being beaten by Steppenwolf

      4. Bruce Wayne

        Just ignore her like you ignore male actors in a porno flick

      5. Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan

        This is the original four-hour cut of Justice League from the original director Zack Snyder. The theatrical cut only used 10% of his work. All of this was filmed years ago, so that’s why Amber Turd’s in it.

    71. senyah777

      Release date??

      1. Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan

        Early 2021 on HBO Max. Most likely on March 25th aka five years after BVS, and four years after one of the JL trailers.

    72. Samuel Thrift

      At 1:41, it looks like someone (either Arthur or Diana) threw Steppenwolf at Superman. Steppenwolf isn't in an optimal position to land a punch; in fact, it looks like he didn't even try.

      1. Dani

        @soy yo holy shit

      2. soy yo

        SPOILERS Aquaman stab him then throw it at superman who punchs him and then wonder woman cut his head, and then fucking darkseid appear

      3. AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More

        It was Arthur who stabbed and thre Steppenwolf to Superman

    73. Chamath Jayashanka

      I was thinking this was a really cool trailer but then... I saw her. Amber Heard.

      1. Dslowmen

        Look it un this way, you'll see Amber Heard been beaten by Stephenwolff

      2. soy yo

        This was made in 2016, and steppenwolf will beat her

      3. Bruce Wayne

        Just ignore her like you ignore male actors in a porno flick

    74. Los Crazy Squad:v

      I need to watch that ❤️ i love warner #missingfriends #snydercut

    75. Faris Raza

      i heard when zack left the movie when it was under production, his daughter died R.I.P, i knew i shouldnt watch the movie bc its was gonna suck and i was not disappointed.

    76. fantastic man

      Seriously, with this music?

      1. Julian Berrios

        It has great significance to Zack and his family

    77. Isabella Dorman

      I'm crying with my mascara every where!! :(

    78. jefferson Uchiha

      Lo mejor que le ha pasado a este año es esto

      1. alexander soelaiman

        I never knew an anime fan is also a DC fan. I am glad I am not alone

    79. josue Nunfio


    80. Ali ALTINBAĞ

      When when when when

      1. Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan

        Early 2021 on HBO Max. Most likely on March 25th aka five years after BVS, and four years after one of the JL trailers.

    81. cynthia rouse


    82. The Wayne

      The truth is, Wheddon destroyed 90% of the original. I don’t know if it’s true that Endgame has many similar scenes, but I’m happy that the Snyder Cut comes out.

      1. Luce Arthritis

        @SNYDER CUT time travel and character sacrifice isn’t a unique concept lol

      2. Tejeshwar Tejeshwar

        @SNYDER CUT then Zack Snyder stole X-men days of future past... Time travel.....fixing timeline.... Lois sacrificing herself 😂😂

      3. Fran Gorno

        @SNYDER CUT This is false. This whole "corporate espionage" conspiracy theory is just that: a tinfoil hat-worthy conspiracy theory.

      4. SNYDER CUT

        True. Endgame STOLE Zack Snyder's original plan for this film. -The time travel/fixing the timeline -Lois sacrifing herself

    83. The Wayne

      Ya he visto el trailer muchas veces. No puedo esperar más por el corte de Snyder.

    84. David

      can't wait!

    85. RaM rAM

      Its fake trailer

      1. Julian Berrios


      2. Bruce Wayne

        It's real when it's useful

      3. Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan

        No. It’s the original four-hour cut of Justice League from the original director Zack Snyder. The theatrical cut only used 10% of his work. Snyder’s cut has a different storyline, better effects, new characters, etc

      4. J

        It's real.

      5. SNYDER CUT


    86. krishnaveni ganapathy

      Why everyone praise Christopher nolan and zack synder hated by some people earlier because making dark movies

      1. Niranjan M Dinesh

        @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar and as i said its not because they became friends... You dont see many movies do you? This happened a lot in movies... there are many moments when a helpless guy asks a hero a to save anyone, he goes save him and introduces himself as a friend of the guy who asked him to... Its not because they are close friends or anything... Its for just tell them who sent him to save... It happens a lot... Dont know why you cant understand that...

      2. Niranjan M Dinesh

        @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar im not talking about your sarcasm... You were asking the plot holes which was explained right in the movie but you missed...

      3. Niranjan M Dinesh

        @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar ummmm... There was louis who is ready to die to protect clark... She is the one who said its his mothers name... And he is not a criminal like joker... Bruce know superman hasnt done anything wrong... What he has in mind is that superman is doing the saving and all that not upon love towards humans... But to be a godlike character... Save martha moment is the time he understand that he has strong commitment towards humans and there is a helpless woman who beg for clarks life and is ready to die for him... Its completely logical... But people dont want to think it... Because of the name zack snyder...

      4. Tejeshwar Tejeshwar

        @Niranjan M Dinesh bvs ue mos are great films... That's your opinion bro...

      5. Tejeshwar Tejeshwar

        @Niranjan M Dinesh bro that logic doesn't work.. Imagine if Bruce is about to kill a criminal./joker/steeppenolf. And that guy said" please my mother is in danger "...would he stop ?in fact he hates him more than joker the guy who killed Robin ...

    87. Arnold VillaG

      Me encanta Ya quiero que se estrene

    88. Sore Attorney240

      I worried because hbo max is only on usa and I don't live there :( I can't watch this

      1. Taferzzlol


      2. Taferzzlol

        They are going international soon

    89. TheAnxoiusHero 21

      Okay well I’m not watching this trailer because I literally don’t want anything new spoiled

    90. V Z

      Release the Kraken !!!cut

    91. The Red hood 3.0

      Man, this better be good

    92. Mr_ S

      0:47 who is she?

      1. Annie

        @AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More Zack said that the girl asks Wonder Woman if she can be like her one day, and WW says of course. Yup.

      2. AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More

        Possibly Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl

    93. TheRicokilla

      Let me guess, this movie’s gonna be 6hours?

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        A 4 hour movie cut into 1 hour episodes on HBO Max.

      2. soy yo

        4 hours

    94. Alixon Loyd

      This looks so much bette than the original

    95. Antru Anthonisamy

      This is the best trailer I have seen on DC universe. Love it.


      The changed the name to director's cut. Previously it was Zack Snyder's cut

      1. Niranjan M Dinesh

        No... It was zack snyders justice league

    97. Ryurozuki Kasai

      God I hope this one is better than the original

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Technically this is the original. What was released was a whole redo that only used like 10% of Snyder's footage.

    98. Multiverse

      “He’s never fought us.” “Yes, he has.” “...He’s never fought us twice.” 😅

      1. Thameem

        @J r Z C o V e R s no problem

      2. J r Z C o V e R s

        @Thameem oh yeah I actually forgot about that. Srry my bad

      3. Thameem

        @J r Z C o V e R s That's just a reference to Infinity War. The Exchange between Thor and Rocket. He just mixed both

      4. J r Z C o V e R s

        Wdym he's never fought us twice??? This isn't a sequel to what we see saw in 2017. Because this is what they should've released back in 2017 instead of all the reshots and rewrites Joss Whedon and WB made.

    99. Nishit Nawle

      Who all got goosebumps...

      1. alexander soelaiman

        @Bruce Wayne Bruce,,, I love you more than anything except Clark

      2. Bruce Wayne

        We all do

      3. J r Z C o V e R s


      4. alexander soelaiman


    100. Qasim 1478

      The book was better